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Ultrasound, what is it?
With Michele Trontz, Spa Director
What is Ultrasound-Radio Frequency with Vacuum Suction Body Contouring?

The 4000Hz strong Ultrasound waves penetrate to the fat tissue and micro-vibrate the fat cells in high frequency. This result will generate countless air pockets, which breaks the fat cells membrane. In Physics this is called The Cavitation Effect. During this process, the triglycerides in the fat cells are decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acids and will be gradually cleared away by your metabolism. This treatment is safe and comfortable with no down time. An intake form will need to be filled out prior to the first treatment since there are some contra indications such as Pacemakers and Blood Thinners.

The 5MHz of Radio Frequency penetrates to fat deposits and generates friction heat, this helps to improve lymph drainage. This will trigger collagen production which will ultimately tighten the skin. The tightening appearance does take up to 6 weeks to see due to the time it takes collagen to re-produce.

The Vacuum Suction Body Contouring is a Massage treatment that pulls up the fat by the vacuum suction power and shakes it while the treatment probe is moving along the skin surface to increase lymph drainage and blood supply. This function will stimulate the collagen regeneration and reconstruct the elastin fibers so that the fat deposits can be relocated. This effect will reduce the fatty lumps and bumps and make the skin appear tighter and more toned.

For maximum results it is recommended to have a minimum of two to three 60 minute treatments per week on one area of concern up to six treatments. It is advised to drink plenty of water pre and post treatment and eat a clean diet while increasing your physical fitness.

Something new and exciting to look forward to, Make-Over Monday’s, starting in November!! Every Monday when you come in for a scheduled Spa or Nail appointment you will get to pick a mystery prize from our fishbowl. Prizes will range from Spa Bucks to one of a variety of complimentary treatments to use towards your next Spa or Nail appointment. Also, don’t forget to check out our updated Spa Menu to see what new pampering treatments we now have to offer!!
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