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What is Skin Fintess?
With Michele Trontz, Spa Director
Skin fitness is the philosophy lifestyle and plan of care that results in obtaining and maintaining your best possible complexion. When you come in for a facial it is the Estheticians job to determine your skin fitness. This is why we first have you fill out an intake form with pertinent questions regarding life style, health, water consumption and medications that you are taking. The next step is to look at your skin under a Magnifying lamp to see the integrity of the skin.

The skin fitness premise is based on a treatment paradigm which always includes the following three categories.

Category 1 involves sun avoidance meaning barrier protection which would consist of using a good Sun Block and wearing a large brim hat of at least 3 inches, wearing sunglasses and protective clothing when outdoors during the day. Establishing good sun protection habits can improve the further damage received by the harmful UV rays.

Category 2 is choosing and using meaning full skin care products daily and nightly. A proper skincare routine is the cornerstone of healthy skin. Our Image skincare line has everything you need from Vitamin and anti-oxidant packed cleansers, broad spectrum sun protection, skin rejuvenating moisturizers to a nightly repairing treatment serum and under eye treatments.

Category 3 addresses skin color and tone. This is where Enzyme and Chemical peels come into play. Your Esthetician can pick the right peel for your skin to target everything from redness to dark spots. In this same category we also include Dermaplane, Micro-dermabrasion, Hydra facial and Micro current. These address pigment, clarity and lax skin and the reduction of fine lines.

Put your best face forward and come in and get your assessment on your skin fitness with one of our Estheticians here in our JL Spa. Just like working out in the fitness facility creates a better toned body and better health your skin fitness can also improve by adjusting just a few daily routines. Since our skin is the largest organ of the body keep it fit so it keeps you looking and feeling your best.
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