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Let's Talk Peels!
With Michele Trontz, Spa Director
When we want to improve the signs of our aging skin, it is always a mystery for most of us as to which kind of chemical is best for us. What is the best for our skin and who should choose?

The best answer to this question is definitely the experienced Esthetician. Let me explain some basics of what a chemical peel is. It is a professional skin resurfacing procedure in which an acid or enzymatic solution is applied to the skin in a controlled environment to remove the damaged layer of the Epidermis and accelerate cell regeneration. Your skin type will ultimately determine what kind of a chemical peel will be best for you. An acid chemical peel is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid such as Glycolic, or a Beta Hydroxy Acid which is Salicylic Acid. Enzyme Chemical Peels are derived from fruits and vegetables such as papaya, pineapple or pumpkin. Both types of chemical peels create cell turnover as well as collagen synthesis resulting in younger looking skin.

To improve your results it is best to combine a chemical peel with another procedure such as Microdermabrasion, HydraFacial or Dermaplane.  This will accelerate the results of a chemical peel by manually removing the dead skin cells to greatly improve the product and peptide delivery into the cell layer of the skin. This will ultimately produce a brighter more vibrant complexion.

Our experienced Jonathan’s Landing Esthetician staff look forward to pampering you and picking the best skin care regimen to put your best face forward in the New Year!
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