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The Spa & Salon at Jonathan's Landing     

Modern Day Cupping
With Elida Martinez, Spa Supervisor

Traditional cupping dates back to ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and the Middle Eastern cultures.  It is a form of alternative medicine with the use of glass, silicone or plastic cups. Cupping is used over different regions of the body and is effective by bringing increased blood flow to supply nourishment to the muscles and promote cell repair of the skin. It decreases tension within tissues and muscles that is brought on by stress, surgery and repetitive movement of exercise.  

Tension restricts movement around the joints making it difficult to move and may be accompanied by pain, cramping and discomfort. During intense exercise, muscle cells may produce lactic acid, which can cause muscles to not contract as well, causing toxin buildup.

Handheld cups are placed on the surface of the skin, with the appropriate amount of suction, to lift the skin. A gentle gliding technique is then implemented to help fluid retention by moving through the lymphatic system.

There are at least four cupping techniques, assistance of a massage, to soften muscles, increase circulation and expel toxins out of the body. Individual results of tension relief may vary, and it is best to stay well hydrated after cupping by increasing your fluid intake with rest and relaxation.

Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Stay hydrated this holiday season at the Jonathan’s Landing Spa! Let us wrap up something special with the MD Image Clinical Skincare System. This system includes a restoring cleanser, youth serum, youth repair crème, and a broad spectrum SPF 50, which will leave the skin smooth and soft. An additional overnight repair serum enhances the skin to stay healthy during 2020 Holiday Season. If you choose to purchase the IMAGE Mini Signature Lift as a gift or for yourself, you will receive a complimentary consultation about using this great skincare system for take home care.    
Gift Certificates are available at the reception desk for any Spa or Fitness services.  Call us at 561-743-2191 to get started!

Spa & Nail Salon Guidelines:
  • Tempurature checks will be given upon arrival
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Protective barriers will be in place
  • Service providors will wear face shields in addition to masks.
  • Members will provide desk staff with the Member number, no card required
  • Social Distancing will be practiced:
    • Keep 6ft distance from others
    • Minimize close contact
    • Wash hands frequently
  • Guests will be permitted after 11:00am
  • Locker rooms will be available for use, however showers and steam rooms will not be available
  • A 15 minute sanitization process will be conducted after every service per CDC guidelines

Appointments can be made by calling The Fitness Center & Spa at 561-743-2191. If you have any further questions regarding appointment bookings please email Elida Martinez at
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