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The Spa & Salon at Jonathan's Landing     

With Elida Martinez, Spa Manager

Celebrate the Summer with Aromatherapy! Upon entering a place with a scent or fragrance, you are greeted with one of nature’s powerful forms of aromatics, liquid substance known as “essential oils.” There are about 300 essential oils, which can be extracted from various flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees.

Essential Oils can be found in food and drinks, adding natural flavor, aroma or used as a preservative. Cosmetic manufacturers use their cell-rejuvenating and beautifying properties, while the fragrance industry is more concerned with their mood and emotional enhancement capabilities. There are many concentrated oils that have very diverse affects. Peppermint oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory, help with rheumatism and arthritis,  relieve the digestive system and ease headaches. That is why a peppermint oil is widely used during a scalp massage.

Natural plant oils can be used to help with nasal congestion, or create delicious and exciting new food dishes. Essential oils are one of the world’s resources that can bring harmony into our lives as we use them for protection and pleasure without polluting our environment.

Here at the Jonathan’s Landing Spa we love using aromatherapy and essential oils in all of our nail,  facial and massages services. An alternative way to draw sweet smelling aromatherapy into each treatment with delight right under our noses.

As we learn how to live in harmony with the earth, the ancient art of aromatherapy is a tool we can use to contribute to our overall sense of well-being.
                            ~ Debra Lynn Dadd: Author of Non-Toxic , Natural & Earthwise

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