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Golf at Jonathan's Landing

Professionally Speaking

With Neil Lockie, Director of Golf
The Opening Events of 2018 are now in the history books and I am delighted to share with you the great increase in numbers this year. Despite the fact that we opened the season with one golf course less than last year, we had positive numbers over 2017 on almost every function and event. 108 players competed in the 'J'ents & 'L'adies Opening Day (up 4%), 132 Ladies attended the Opening Cocktail Party (Up 9%), 112 Ladies played in the 18-Holers Opening Scramble (Up 20%), 196 Men ate a wonderful Opening Dinner (Up 15%) and 145 Men played in the Opening Scramble (Up 21%)…The Ladies 9-Hole Opening Numbers were yet to be registered at the time this has gone to print but all signs point to a further rise in numbers there also. What a positive start to the season and a wonderful springboard into the excitement that lies ahead. Thanks to everyone who have arrived early for action and shown such great support of our Golf Associations. Let’s keep things rolling!

While the Opening week numbers cannot be truly reflective of what I am about to explain, it has certainly offered us a head start. My rallying call to staff for the season ahead is a simple one and can be defined in 2 words, include and engage. Our mission this season is to make sure that all Members are kept involved with all the great events and games that we have going on. While a few e-mails or text messages assist in reminding you to get signed up, my staff will be pushing you all to get more involved, play more golf and take advantage of everything great going on at JL. Their aim is to engage you, ask questions, find what makes you tick, get to the bottom of what you like and then guide you in the direction best suited to maximize your enjoyment of the Club. We have great diversity both among the Membership and in our golf offerings. Not everything is for everyone but there is something for each of you! Let us help you find your feet and find the events and golf groups that will draw you into spending more and more time at the Club. If the staff is eager to assist, please indulge us and let us know what we can offer and help with to ensure your winter in South Florida won’t soon be forgotten.

We will get going quickly as always and to kick things off, we have a couple special events coming up in November. First, we will have the Fall Demo Day on Thursday, November 8th from Noon until 5:00pm. All our great partners will be in attendance and we hope that with the help of Trackman we can determine the clubs that will help you get the most out of your game. Among our Professional Staff this year we can once again boast a group of very skilled and able fitters so please let us assist and get the right clubs in your hands. If you can’t make Demo Day, please book an appointment with one of our Pros and spend some one-on-one time assessing your equipment needs and fits. Also in November, we will offer the first of our Rules Seminars aimed at educating everyone on the Rules Modernization which will come into effect officially on January 1stThe Rules Modernization Seminar will be held in the Village Clubhouse on Thursday, November 8th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. If the event is oversubscribed, we will add further dates. Thanks to JL Member and Rules Expert, Rick Greenleaf for his assistance in running the seminar. As with last season all groups are welcome to apply the new rules immediately using the 2018-19 Golf Book for guidance. The JLMGA will have the new rules in effect throughout the season and the ladies will pick up the new rules on January 1st.

Finally, we are continuing our efforts on a successful completion of the Fazio Course project. The grass is growing in quickly and the final outcomes of the project are beginning to come into full view. While the end is near, there will remain some difficulties along the way especially when it comes to securing the perfect times for your golf groups. We will keep in place the tee time rules we have used since Spring regarding  booking only 5 days in advance on Hills and Village and a maximum of 2 times per Member. When we are able to resume play on the Fazio Course, the normal rules will be put back in effect. We also have commitments to host a couple outside events in December. We have made arrangements to accommodate as much Member play as possible around the events but do understand that there will be the possibility of inconvenience. We appreciate the patience of everyone as we get through the final few weeks and look forward to a truly magnificent completed project. As we have further details on the projected opening of the course and events surrounding that, we will keep you posted.


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