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Golf at Jonathan's Landing

Professionally Speaking

With Joe Downey, Director of Golf

Happy New Year! Welcome back to all those who may have traveled for the Holiday Season, please do your due diligence as a Member of the Club and follow safety guidelines before your return to Club property. 2021 may be the most exciting year in JL history with Hanse Golf Course Design coming to build a brand new golf course and practice facility completing the Old Trail Project that started in 2017. We eagerly await the plans to come to action and work to conclude, confirming Old Trail as one of the best golf experiences in Florida.

The Hills Course will close on Monday, February 1st, consequently, bringing a temporary stint during our busy season where we will be limited in our tee time accommodation capacity. We ask for your patience and understanding, it is indeed a temporary adjustment and the sacrifice will be very much worth the end product.
To best ensure every Member will have equal opportunity to book tee times and ultimately, play golf, the following restriction will go into effect February 1st, and remain operative until further notice:

All Members with Golfing Privileges will be allotted
5 rounds of golf per calendar week (Sunday-Saturday).

A round is considered any time your name appears on the tee sheet
so be sure to manage your tee times responsibly.

Restrictions will be monitored. Adjustments may be made if necessary.

To help the tee sheets maintain their maximum occupancy, all golf events will cease February 1st.  Having said that, this month is packed with fun and competitive opportunities from each of our Golf Associations. Reference the articles written on the following pages from the MGA, Ladies’ 18, Ladies’ 9 and the “J”ents & “L”adies for the specific events and check the Foretees Event Sign Up for full details.

Lastly, we’d like to wish a fond farewell to our highly valued Shop Merchandiser and Golf Staff member, Julie Falanga. Due to a promotion that her husband Craig has received, they will be moving to the Lakeland Florida area. Julie came to work at Jonathan’s Landing in 2014 and quickly proved her worth with her keen eye and enjoyment for visual merchandising. Along with her pleasant presence in the Golf Shop, over the years, her value expanded into a strong understanding of the Golf Operation as a whole. She will be dearly missed at Jonathan’s Landing, however we wish her the very best in her and her family’s next chapter in life.

Let’s have a great year, and see you on the courses!
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