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Golf at Jonathan's Landing

Professionally Speaking

With Neil Lockie, Director of Golf
I am delighted to say that I can’t recall, in my tenure at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club, a period of time where we have experienced more activity than we are currently seeing. The weather has been outstanding, the courses are in magnificent shape and it seems more and more of you are enjoying golf and enjoying it often. The more you play, the more you want to play well so we have all been busy teaching and fitting you for those clubs to help knock it past your buddies. When you are playing well you are eager for competition and our events are filling fast. Most importantly when you are enjoying the game and proud of your Club and facilities, you want to show it off to your friends! We are seeing a great increase in guest play, especially at Old Trail, and we are delighted to see that you are excited about your Club! We look forward to that continued trend and you all keeping our golf staff busy for many months to come.

March is without doubt our busiest month of the year and we have a full schedule ahead. The 2 majors of the JL Season are upon us with the Jamboree and Schooner being played in the coming weeks. I am delighted to announce that the Jamboree currently sits with a waitlist of 14 teams and we look forward to the first sold out event (216 players) for over 10 years. While not great if you are on the list, a waitlist for one of our key events of the season is a great indicator that our Membership are eager to participate. The Schooner Classic, our ladies multi-day Invitational is also gradually filling. While not at the same volume of the Jamboree we currently have 80 players and hope to see that number rise to over 100. The Schooner is having its 20th birthday this year and it is great to see an event that has stood the test of time and we hope to see it regain its rightful spot as the pinnacle of the ladies golfing calendar at Jonathan’s Landing.

A long standing tradition at JL is the wonderful support the staff receives from the Membership as it relates to our summer playing opportunities. Many years ago we started a season ending Pro-Am where the Members would join the JL Professional Staff to play at Old Trail. The proceeds of the event would serve to fund our PGA Professional Staff in South Florida PGA events throughout the summer months. Over the years this support and backing has not only been a wonderful perk of tenure on our golf staff but also the envy of our Professional peers. While we appreciate the financial backing served by our Tournament Fund, our efforts to raise entry fees are paralleled with the intent to educate the Membership of the benefits of our staff travelling and competing all summer. While we have the chance to earn a few dollars with a solid performance, the benefits reach far further. Playing at many local facilities with our fellow Professionals allow us to observe other golf operations, pick up ideas, share best practices and find potential recruits for JL. Over the years you may not realize but things we are now so familiar with, including ForeTees and staff members came from playing in local PGA events. Details of our Pro-Am and Tournament Fund will be available soon and we hope that your wonderful support will continue.

As we continue through a few more hectic weeks on the golf calendar, we hope that you will keep an eye on all the ForeTees updates, e-mails and Push Notifications so as not to miss out. We are here to assist in your enjoyment of JL and look forward to helping you all out!


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