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Golf at Jonathan's Landing

Professionally Speaking

With Joe Downey, Director of Golf

Spring is here and the weather and course conditions are a proven factor! We trust you have all been enjoying your golf games and the events participated in. There are still plenty of events left to partake in, so check out the Event Sign Up page on ForeTees to see what you may be eligible to register for.

The featured event for April is our Club Championships. Many times, people remove themselves from being a candidate to participate in Club Championship activity due to the connotation of having to be a great golfer. Here at JL, that is not the case and we strive to provide something for each level golfer to participate in. See the list of what is to be held below and refer to ForeTees for further details on each competition, dates and eligibility. All Club Championship events are for Golf Members only.

Men’s Club Championship Events
   Men’s | Men’s Senior, Super Senior & Super Senior Plus
   Men’s 9-Hole | Men’s Team Club Championship
Ladies’ Club Championship Events
   Ladies’ | Ladies’ 9-Hole | Ladies’ Team
Mixed Club Championship Events
   “J”ents & “L”adies Couples

As we continue to see the demand for play be at an excitable level, the recent changes to the tee time booking procedure have helped alleviate some of the pressure for access. I’d like to thank the Membership for their continued responsibility in filling out their foursomes and removing unneeded tee times in a timely fashion, giving others the opportunity to book. As a reminder, X’s (placeholders) are removed 5 days prior to the date of play. Tee time holders receive a warning e-mail prior to them being removed. Even as we begin to see the tee sheets wind down over the course of the month, I ask for everyone to continue these healthy habits.

We look forward to a strong finish to a great season here at Jonathan’s Landing and welcome any opportunity to assist you along the way. Please let us know in the Golf Shop if you have any questions.
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