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Golf at Jonathan's Landing

Professionally Speaking

With Neil Lockie, Director of Golf
In Scotland we have an old custom to start the New Year called “First Footing.” On New Year’s Day groups of people would gather within neighborhoods and spend the day going around the homes of their friends to welcome in the New Year. To “First Foot” you would enter through the front door of a home, place a piece of coal or wood on the fire and always leave through the back door for good luck. In return for performing the custom, the home owner would provide a “wee dram” (glass of whisky). In more modern times, the routine is a little more refined and offers the excuse to travel around and indulge among friends. My hope is that each of you will choose to “First Foot” Old Trail early in the New Year. The first phase of the project is almost complete and we look forward to welcoming all of you to enjoy the outstanding results achieved so far. Take a trip out west and bring your friends. Enjoy the beautiful new surroundings of the Clubhouse over lunch at The Perch. Experience the newly restored Fazio Golf Course and then recount the round over a drink in our new bar. We don’t mind what door you enter or leave by and we don’t request coal for the fire but you know you are always welcome to stay for a wee dram or whatever takes your fancy!

As we look forward to the New Year ahead and all the fun activities we have in store, I always like to reflect on the highlights of the previous year. While the Old Trail project took center stage at the Club, off the course we had much going on too. Back in February, Paige and Chas Golibart welcomed the arrival of their son Charlie. Charlie is growing fast and while he hasn’t yet had a club in his hands, we know it won’t be long! In September, Bryon Burk married his beautiful wife Amber in the company of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Orlando. To add to the JL flavor of the wedding Bryon was flanked by a wedding party consisting of almost all former and current Golf Staff. Finally in December, Jon Arthur who has been both married and become a father to two fantastic daughters during his time here at JL, announced that he will be leaving us. Jon and his wife Jackie along with his girls, Juliana and Jessica will be moving north to the Philadelphia area in the New Year. Jon has accepted a position with Stitch Golf and will be the new Company Rep in PA, MD and Southern New Jersey. To add to a successful year we had PGA Award winners and some great playing from our staff. We had a record year in the shop despite the handicap of spending the year with our premier Golf Course being under construction. We had our high points and hiccups but we look forward to 2019 with a great sense of excitement and anticipation!

2019 offers much to look forward to. We have the opening of The Fazio Course on Thursday, January 3rd and from then on we will be all guns blazing with season and all the great events we have in store. The key dates for you all to get on your calendars are The Jamboree, March 6th to 9th, The Schooner, March 12th to 14th and the Mixed Invitational on February 10th. Our Invitational events are key contributors to a successful season. We delight in having large fields of Members and guests enjoying the Club and indulging in all we have to offer. We hope that you will find the time this season to bring your friends to enjoy the special place that you call home.

Finally, last year we had great success in compiling Golfer Lists for those of you looking to get involved with groups and play more golf. We will get those lists rolling again and hope to help each of you get more involved and playing even more golf in 2019. Let us know how we can help you get the most from your time at the club this year.


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