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Keep Hydrated!
With Mark Miller, Assistant Director of Fitness
Do you drink enough water? With summer quickly approaching and the weather heating up here in South Florida it is very important for you to stay hydrated. A review in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that an estimated 75% of Americans have mild, chronic dehydration. This is alarming since proper hydration is required for maintaining healthy blood flow, proper kidney function, proper sodium, potassium and electrolyte balance and proper digestive functions. People who like to work up a sweat should definitely have proper hydration practices on their mind. Studies found strong evidence that athletes (Members who play Golf or Tennis) lose more than 2% of their body weight in fluids. This is all too common in prolonged bouts of sweaty exercise. People suffer noticeable declines in mental performance. That will make it tough to sink that 20’ putt for birdie, right? So, keep yourself hydrated and stay healthy.

The Inaugural Fitness Club Championship was a huge success, and the champions have been crowned. The Men’s Club Champion is Robert Evans and the Women’s Club Champion is Lynne Taylor, congratulations to you both!  Members competed in four different endurance based events, plank, wall sit, pushups and one leg balance.  It truly was a test of endurance and Members pushed themselves to the max! A few Members had some remarkable numbers; Robert Evans put up a phenomenal 55 pushups.  Lynne Taylor had an impressive 3:08 plank, Paul Brown had a 6:30 minute wall sit and talk about balance; Andrew Coats had to be stopped at 7:30 minutes on the 1 legged balance challenges otherwise he could have gone all day!  Thank you to all the competitors and I look forward to next season!

Have you tried any of these exercises before? Simply adding in these few exercises will help with your overall fitness. Stop on by the fitness center and give them a try.

2019 Fitness Champs
Lynne Taylor
Robert Evans
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