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Jonathan's Landing Yacht Club     

The JL Yacht Club
From Diana B. Lobdell
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Kudos to Andrea Lundquist for planning the annual December Holiday party! A post-holiday gift to all:  brevity!  Holiday party photos, & super calendar for Jan-May!
JL Yacht Club Schedule
January 7th: JLYC Mingle
January 15th: Cruise > Sailfish Club Luncheon
January 21st-24th: Bahia Mar Cruise
January 31st: JLYC Women to Kai Kai Farms
February 9th: Commodore’s Ball at JL Golf Club
February 12th: Day Cruise > Old Key Lime House, Lantana
February 23rd-March 5th:  FL West Coast Cruise
March 1st-5th: FL West Coast Cruise Continues
March 15th: JLYC Women’s Auxiliary > Norton Museum
        with Lunch at the Leopard Lounge!
March 20th: Day Cruise > Peanut Island
March 25th: JLYC Annual Meeting/New Member Reception
April 11th:  Women’s Auxiliary > Annual Meeting/Luncheon
April 15th: JLYC Mingle
April 16th: JLYC Memorial Ceremony
May 14th-31st: Two Week Cruise > Bahamas
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