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The JL Yacht Club
From Diana B. Lobdell
From the moment we walked into Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club on February 9th to attend the annual Commodore’s Ball, we felt the warm friendliness from fellow members. A fun surprise was that we could have photos taken of ourselves, thanks to Tom Pettibone, who arranged that. Floyd and Lory Harper’s son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Allison Harper, took the great photos you see here.

JLYC members love to dance! The members from Annapolis had lots of fun, and cheered for their friend, Vice Commodore Frank Lingard.  Commodore Dick Carton gave a nice welcome speech, the wine flowed and the band got us going as we danced our legs off!

The boat gang did not get much rest with a day cruise for lunch at the Old Key Lime House in Lantana (February 12th). The West Coast Cruise to the Gulf Coast, returning via the Okeechobee Waterway, began February 23rd, and will last until March 4th, ten days of rollicking good times.

The JLYC Women’s Auxiliary looks forward to the March 15th visit to the new Norton Museum and lunch at the Leopard Lounge & Restaurant in the Chesterfield Hotel. A day cruise to Peanut Island is sure to be a treat and the annual meeting/New Members’ Reception is Monday, March 25th. Our ‘season’ is going way too fast!

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JL Yacht Club Schedule
March 15th: JLYC Women’s Auxiliary > Norton Museum
        with Lunch at the Leopard Lounge!
March 20th: Day Cruise > Peanut Island
March 25th: JLYC Annual Meeting/New Member Reception
April 11th:  Women’s Auxiliary > Annual Meeting/Luncheon
April 15th: JLYC Mingle
April 16th: JLYC Memorial Ceremony
May 14th-31st: Two Week Cruise > Bahamas
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