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Jonathan's Landing Yacht Club     

The JL Yacht Club
With Frank Lingard, Commodore
Ten years ago, 4 members of the Jonathan’s Landing Yacht Club assembled in Butterfly Park for a day to sail their remote-control sailboats. The next week they sailed again and soon it became a weekly tradition with additional sailors who started joining in.

Today, as many as 11 sailors will gather to sail on the pond at Butterfly Park every Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. Most boats are the Soling One Meter class but you may also see a Dragon Class 65 or 95 class boat or occasionally, a custom-built remote-control boat racing around the buoys.

The Soling is one-meter long or 39.37” and has a minimum weight requirement of 10 pounds. Being a one-design class, each boat is built to the same specifications and controlled by a remote-control transmitter with 2 channels. One channel controls the two sails while the other controls the rudder. It is challenging for even the most advanced model boat sailor.

Over the years, many JL residents have stopped by the park to watch an afternoon of sailing or to try their hand at sailing a boat. There is always a sailor willing to share his boat and instruct a new sailor in the art of remote-control sailing.

Once you get hooked on sailing, you will want to purchase your own boat and there are many available in the local area.  Members of the RC group can assist in locating a boat or can help adjust the rigging to more efficiently compete on the pond.

If you are interested in remote-control sailing, we would encourage you to stop by Butterfly Park on any Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm to try your hand at sailing a Soling One-Meter.  For additional information, please check the Jonathan’s Landing Yacht Club website at or the American Model Yachting Association website at

Members of the Jonathan’s Landing community may obtain membership information by clicking here to visit the yacht club website.
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