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Jonathan's Landing Yacht Club     

The JL Yacht Club
From Frank Lingard, Vice Commodore
The Jonathan’s Landing Yacht Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary this past season. The yacht club was founded in 1990 by a small group of enthusiastic yachtsmen in the Jonathan’s Landing community. Their purpose was, and still is, to organize and sponsor boating, cruising, fishing and social activities that bring together others to share in the enjoyment and fellowship that is unique to a yacht club. From 1990 to 2020 the yacht club has been led by 26 commodores, both men and women.

There are presently more than 125 family members with power and sailing vessels from 20 feet to more than 80 feet, berthed at personal docks in our community, at the JL Marina and at nearby dry storage facilities. Our members also fly the Jonathan’s Landing Yacht Club burgee up and down the east coast and through much of the Great Lakes. Many of our members enjoy cruising during the summer months to nearby favorite ports and as far as the Hudson River, Maine and Canada. We take pride in the success of our club and its members.

At the Commodore’s Ball in February 2020, hosted beautifully at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club, Commodore Dick Carton recognized all of our Past Commodores for their many contributions in building such a successful organization. Then a few weeks later, our anniversary celebrations were unexpectedly shortened by the onset of the pandemic. Social gatherings, day cruises and an extended cruise to the Florida Keys had to be cancelled.

With a new season starting, social events and cruises have been planned while keeping in mind the requirements of social distancing, personal protection and limited capacities of venues until restrictions are lifted. With many of our events held at the Golf Club, we will follow the Club’s guidelines for the health and well-being of Members and staff. At this time, the November Mingle is still scheduled for Monday, November 9th subject to format modification to keep everyone safe.

The first cruise of the year casts off on Saturday, November 14th and heads to the Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart. This annual shakedown cruise, chaired by Vice Commodore Tom Pettibone, is always a popular event and is capped off with a cruise dinner on Sunday evening. The Marina has graciously reserved the entire outdoor patio for the cruise dinner to insure proper social distancing. Here’s to the start of another great year of cruising and social events!
Members of the Jonathan’s Landing community may obtain membership information by clicking here to visit the yacht club website.
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