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Jonathan's Landing Yacht Club     

The JL Yacht Club
With Jacquie Newson, Quartermaster
Jonathan’s Landing Yacht Club brings together those who have an abiding interest in yachting and seamanship, while sharing a passion for the water.  We also promote camaraderie, the enjoyment of dining and other social activities.

Members wear the JLYC burgee with pride.  Our virtual Ship Store has various items through out the year which we sell at our mingles, cruises and sponsored events.  We feature hats, tote bags, Tervis tumblers, golf shirts and more. The inventory is constantly evolving.

We always stock a  selection of JLYC Burgees in different sizes.  Members may fly their club burgee while underway and at anchor, day or night. Sailing vessels may fly the burgee either from the main masthead or from a halyard under the lowermost starboard spreader.  Most powerboats fly the burgee off a short staff at the bow.  The Officers of a Yacht Club may fly various burgees appropriate to their rank.  All of these are available in the Ship’s Store. Please contact Jacquie Newson, Quartermaster of Jonathan’s Landing Yacht Club at if you are interested in more information.
Members of the Jonathan’s Landing community may obtain membership information by clicking here to visit the yacht club website.
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