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Welcome to Jonathan's Landing

Message from the GM
By Dick Naumann
It is hard to believe we are talking about Easter events, Club Championships, the Beach Party, and season ending golf events including the popular Superintendent’s Revenge.  It seems like the season just started. I celebrate my two-year anniversary this week, again, seems like yesterday.  How time flies when you’re having SUN!

This has been such a great season at Jonathan’s Landing.  We opened the newly renovated Fazio Course and freshly renovated / decorated Old Trail Clubhouse.  Our golf events have been mostly sold out and the competition has been fantastic.  The tennis center has been very busy with both interclub and social play.  The end of season JL Open was very successful and enjoyed by all.  The Landing remains very popular and at capacity on most nights and TASTE by Joseph has become a wonderful dining option for the Membership.  There is such a positive “Buzz” around the Club; it is a shame the season is drawing to a close.  Keep that positive buzz going as you travel back north and share with your friends, neighbors, family and fellow northern club members all the great things happening at JL.  Before you leave, stop by the office (we want to say farewell for the summer) and pick-up a new Member information kit to pass along to that person who would be a perfect fit here at Jonathan’s Landing.  Understanding it is unrealistic to have every Member sponsor a new Member this year, we do need one of every twenty Members to sponsor someone this coming year to stay even with normal attrition.  Please, do not just give in to being one of the nineteen, BE THE ONE who sponsors a new Member in the coming year!

A component of the Club’s Mission Statement is to promote environmental sustainability.  This year we attempted to change from plastic to paper straws which was not very well received.  The paper turned to “mush” too quickly to be used on the golf course.  We then tried an environmentally friendly straw made of a corn by-product that decomposes, but that didn’t go well either.  The straws melted together in the dispensers when it got hot outside.  The best scenario would be to stop using straws whenever possible.  The same goes for styrofoam cups.  There are some great options available from Tervis Tumblers and products by Yeti and Corkcicle that will keep your beverage cold and fresh better than the styrofoam.  The picture to the left is a representation of one day’s usage of styrofoam cups during the season at JL.  Think of the volume we add to the landfills on a yearly basis; together we can do better!

I look forward to seeing you around the Club.