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Welcome to Jonathan's Landing

Message from the GM
Joe DiPasquantonio, CCM
It's wonderful to witness the return of numerous familiar faces to the Clubhouse. All departments are in full swing, and the season has kicked off splendidly. November commenced with a robust start, featuring outstanding opening events like the Men's and Ladies' Opening Golf Events, followed by an exceptional Welcome Back Party. 

The Members were captivated by the theme, transporting them back in time as they grooved the night away to hits from the 6os and 70s. The night was truly remarkable, and our Events team demonstrated exceptional skill in organizing and implementing the event. Shortly afterward, we welcomed over 500 Members and their families to our incredible Thanksgiving Day Buffet. As always, no one departed with an empty stomach. 

Staff Holiday Party 
This year, we are thrilled about celebrating the Holidays with our Staff as we reciprocate with Frenchman's Reserve by hosting their team while enjoying a delightful evening at their stunning Club. One of the highlights of this event is the recognition of Employee Length of Service Milestone Awards. Each employee reaching a significant milestone is introduced and warmly applauded. We've chosen to share the list with the membership (listed below), allowing them to appreciate these achievements. We have several longstanding employees who have shown unwavering dedication to JLGC for many years. Congratulations to this exceptional group of individuals for their accomplishments, and we wish them ongoing success. 

Employee Holiday Fund 
I want to express my gratitude to the Membership for their exceptionally generous contributions to the Employee Holiday Fund. Once again, the level of generosity is truly overwhelming, and the staff is profoundly grateful for your thoughtfulness and recognition of their service. We genuinely believe we have the finest Membership in South Florida!

As we approach the last month of the year, we take a moment to look back and contemplate all the events, wondering how time has flown by so quickly. While 2023 has been an incredible year, we eagerly anticipate what 2024 holds in store. Wishing all Members and their families a joyful holiday season! 
Nick Jacobetti OT GCM 35 Years
Pam Case F&B 30 Years
Mike James OT GCM 20 Years
Basilo Marcos Ramirez OT GCM 20 Years
Nortilien Marc OT GCM 20 Years
Pablo Cruz Culinary 20 Years
Juan Duran Rangel JL GCM 15 Years
Sabino Ramirez OT GCM 10 Years
Alfredo Guzman Corona JL GCM 10 Years
Elvis Herrera Montejo Landscape 10 Years
Matt Boggs Racquets 10 Years
Kirstin Snyman Administrative 10 Years
Tom Columbus OT Golf  10 Years
Adina Hulujan F&B 10 Years
Vahid Mirzadeh Racquets 5 Years
Jean Eugene Valet 5 Years
Jared Werner OT Golf 5 Years
Collin Murphy Valet 5 Years
Bandile Thwala F&B 5 Years
Sifisokuhle Majola Culinary 5 Years
Robert Buettner Valet 5 Years