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Welcome to Jonathan's Landing

Message from the GM
By Dick Naumann
I write this note to you looking out the window at downtown Nashville while attending the Annual Club Manager’s Association conference.  With February being a short month, the end of the month snuck up on me and Chris needs my letter, now.  So far the conference has been very good with excellent education sessions and motivational keynote speakers.  The conference is my annual recharge of the batteries and I come back with great new ideas for the coming year.  Equally important as the educational opportunities is the networking with my fellow club managers.  I see managers I have gotten to know over the past thirty years in the business.  We share ideas that have worked in our clubs and even discuss ideas that have not worked so well.  Learning from mistakes without the pain!  This is my first visit to Nashville, great music and very good BBQ.

The staff tell me they have never seen the Club so busy.  I hope you are enjoying the Club as much as the staff is enjoying taking care of you.  The major fund raising events all went very well; I haven’t seen final numbers, but trust that they are great, as usual.  Thank you for attending and for your generosity to such wonderful causes.  The Jamboree and Schooner are right around the corner, we look forward to making our “majors” special for you and your guests.

The annual meeting went very well, it was nice to see such positive energy in the room.  I would like to once again thank Lou Schneider and Ben Thomas for there service to JL as they step down from the Board.  A big welcome to the Board to Mark Rousseau and Bill Warner, congratulations to both of you and also to Leslie VanBoven who was re-elected to a second term.  I would like to thank Bob Kane for his two years of service as our President.  It has been a busy couple of years during which we crafted our first formal Strategic Plan, renovated the Fazio Course and Old Trail Clubhouse and created a fantastic new tradition at JL, the Quarter Century Club.  Bob, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the Club, I appreciate your support and your friendship.  I also look forward to the next year with Bob Widman at the helm.  With the Hills Course renovation they should be equally as exciting and successful.

I had another very informative Roundtable group last week and look forward to my next session on Thursday, March 21st.  Mark your calendar and call 561-746-1301 to RSVP, it would be nice to have you there.  As always, please do not hesitate to stop by, call, or e-mail with any comments or suggestions, your input and feedback is very important.
I look forward to seeing you soon at the Club.