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Welcome to Jonathan's Landing

Message from the GM
Joe DiPasquantonio, CCM
2022 is upon us and the excitement around the Club continues to climb as we turn into the New Year and by the time you receive this, the lights and trees will be coming down.

Over the past few years, each December we partner with The Loxahatchee Club hosting each other’s Employee Holiday Party. Unfortunately last year we had to cancel the events due to the pandemic, however on December 16th, I had the pleasure of welcoming over 160 dedicated team members back to our annual JL Holiday Party. It was a wonderful time for celebration and reflection. It was also a  good time to recognize years of service, hand out holiday bonuses, and raffle off some amazing prizes as well as share a very complimentary letter to our staff from our Club President, Bill Warner. I would like to once again thank all of our Members who donated to The Employee Holiday Fund. The level of generosity is overwhelming and the staff is very thankful for your thoughtfulness and appreciation of their service.

Membership recruitment in 2021 well exceeded everyone’s expectations. A very big thank you to Wendy Seely and Jennifer Wooley, in the Membership Department, for their tireless efforts, and to all our Members who helped recruit and sponsor Members this year.  Welcome to all the new Members in “the class of 2021,” we are thrilled to have you join the Jonathan’s Landing Family.  

Things are about to get extremely hectic as we gear up for our peak season. I just wanted to add that if there’s anything we can do for any our Members please don’t hesitate to ask. You can call me or e-mail me anytime. It would be my pleasure and I look forward to seeing you around the Club.