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Old Trail Project - Introducing Holes #13 - #18
Hole #13  |  "Corner"
While this course has plenty of length, the interesting short par 4’s will truly differentiate this layout. This short hole can be a two-shotter or drivable as ample space beyond the left bunkering makes the second option tempting. What makes this hole unique and distinctive is the use of the classic Redan style where everything slopes from front right to back left near the green. The two bumps short right of the green will accentuate the roll onto the green which is one of the smaller greens at +/- 3750 square feet. The hole is named “Corner” after a football wide receiver’s pass route into the end zone. It’s an all or nothing play and if you hit the ball into the sweet spot, the ground features will help it roll onto the green.
Hole #14  |  "Biarritz"
Named for many of the great par 3 holes around the world, a “Biarritz” hole is characterized by a large multi-tiered green where the front and back are separated by a large swale in the middle of the green. This design provides a variety of exciting play options and pin placements that completely change the hole from day to day. Golf is at its most fun and exciting when the ball is rolling. But the drama here should be equally intense as we watch the ball in the air, hoping we’ve found the right distance to be on the correct side of the swale.
Hole #15  |  "Principal's Nose"
Yet another great use of a classic feature the “Principal’s Nose” fairway bunkers like the Old Course St. Andrews. Here the fairway is wider to give the player options, but tee shots for all players will need to navigate the bunkering in the center of the fairway to set up the desired approach. Water and existing natural preserve come into play the further and more right you try to go off the tee. Interestingly, longer drives will find a dip in the fairway requiring a second shot over the bunker to a smallish elevated green. Laying up short right or left of the fairway bunkers actually provides the best view into the green. The goal here, and on all the holes, is to make the player think their way around the golf course. You may think you’ve hit the best shot only to find there was a better option. Strategy creates fun and interest on this hole that primarily will play straight into the prevailing wind.
Hole #16  |  "Pray"
A very long Par 3 or should we say Par 3 1/2? We may have to “Pray” that we can finish this hole. This makes for a great match play type hole where players that try and play onto the green may get into trouble and those that lay back and play it as a short Par 4 they can birdie may fare better. Fortunately, this last of the short holes does play directly down wind, but the well bunkered green has a natural preserve behind that comes into play quickly on shots that go long.
Hole #17  |  "Loch-ie"
A very narrow hole requiring a decision on the tee whether to carry the channel creek crossing the fairway or lay-up. Options will be influenced by the prevailing wind which blows into and across and should hamper drives. Players who choose to be aggressive and take on the creek will be rewarded with a shorter approach and those who lay back need to challenge the right side to get the desired angle into the green. The water on the right is in play for both aggressive tee shots and approach shots that go wayward. The long narrow green runs away from the players and will provide multiple options for drama nearing the end of the round. Given all the water in play, and because he was instrumental in launching this project, the hole is named “Loch-ie” after Neil Lockie. Of course Loch is Scottish for Lake.
Hole #18  |  "Finish"
A demanding Par 4 to "Finish," made harder by the prevailing left to right wind. Longer players can choose to take on the great hazard and be rewarded with a shorter approach. Shorter players have ample space to stay right and bump the ball through to safety. The second largest green on the property at +/-8500 square feet is well guarded both short and along the left. The entire course routing was based on locating the 18th hole in this exact spot. The spectacular backdrop is golf, scenic views across much of the course and the clubhouse. One can’t help but leave with a peaceful, pleasant feeling.