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Hanse Project Update

With Paul Stockall and the Hanse Project Committee
Almost a year ago, we announced with great excitement the selection of renowned golf architect Gil Hanse, and his firm Hanse Golf Design, to create our new golf course/experience at Old Trail.

Our excitement is equally matched by the Hanse team who share our vision to complete the Old Trail Project with a course and amenities worthy of acclaim and notoriety in South Florida.

Since the announcement, we have been working thoughtfully and carefully to progress this project while balancing timeline commitments to membership and financial considerations. We thought now to be an ideal time to provide a status update.
Under the leadership of Green Chairman Paul Stockall, a committee consisting of broad membership representation has been formed and is working with Hanse Golf Design. In addition, a satellite committee focused on representing JL Ladies input is being chaired by committee member Allison Cress.

At this time we are executing what is called the Site Routing and Design Phase of the project. This phase includes:
  • Overall Objectives
  • Site and property specifics
  • Golf Course Features
  • Multiple preliminary course routings
  • Final Routing
  • Scale drawings and detailed hole layouts
Plans for permits, construction specsThe Routing/Design Phase will take from March through September 2020. This timeline allows us to spread this work out over several months, absorb the initial costs in very affordable increments, and meet our ultimate course completion date of December 2021. The schedule also allows us to defer at any time should that be the prudent decision.

The original announcement last May generated quite a bit of valuable member feedback. We have used this input to reshape our vision and plan and are working to achieve the following:
  • Approximately 6500 yards, par 70
  • No par 3 course
  • Fun, interesting, challenging, strategic golf
  • Vastly improved drainage through natural sheet flow techniques
  • Memorable holes incorporating classic hole design features
  • Open landscape accentuating the natural canvas of Old Trail
  • Flexible teeing grounds and variable hole designs enable full playability for ALL
  • Natural grasses and tight mow allow for recovery from poorly hit shots
  • Expanded driving range with room for future Golf Performance Center Structure
  • Superlative short game “practice fields” lure members for skills development and fun events
Completion of The Hanse Project is an essential element of driving member satisfaction and differentiating JL in the near term, while positioning JL as a leader for how golf will be consumed and enjoyed in the future. The financial assessment of three years ago, combined with the financial stability of the Club, positions us well to seize this game changing opportunity. With that said, each and every investment decision needs to be made and justified in the Club’s best interest.

We hope this update has provided an initial view of progress being made, the intended features of the golf course/amenities, and the care in which the project is being managed. Our next update is planned for mid to late June.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Hanse Project Committee

Paul Stockall, Chair
Allison Cress
Kevin Gropp
Bert McCooey
Bill Warner
Bob Widman
Joe DiPasquantonio, General Manager
Joe Downey, Director of Golf
Don Taylor, Director of Golf Course Maintenance