Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the GM
By Dick Naumann

As you read this, many of you have already headed back north for the summer.  To all of you, enjoy reconnecting with family and friends and have a great summer.  Others are packing up and getting ready to take off.  To you, travel safe, we hope to see you before you leave to say good-bye.  To those Members who stay in Florida all year, we look forward to a great summer here at JL.  New this summer, the Club will not close in August.  Do to popular demand, we wrote our schedules and planned vacation times for the employees to stay in operation in August.  After Mother’s Day we will transition to our summer schedule which is lunch Tuesday through Saturday and dinner Wednesday through Saturday.  This summer will be a test run, so please come and support the dining room in August and make it successful.

Now to everyone, I have an extremely important request.  During the summer I need you all to look around for friends, family, neighbors or fellow club members at your northern club who may be interested in enjoying all that JL has to offer and becoming Members of our Club.  Allow me to give you the basic numbers.  To keep about even on the number of Members, we need 1 of every 20 Members to sponsor a new Member next year. We lose approximately 45 to 50 Members a year and need to bring in the same to break even.  If 1 in every 10 Members sponsors a new Member we will have a hugely successful year with a net gain of 50 new Members.  The most important thing here is your mindset.  If everyone is thinking about how they can be the one who brings in a new Member and does not automatically give in to just being one of the other nine, we have a great chance of meeting our goal.  To help you with your recruiting efforts, Wendy will be sending an e-mail with all the information you will need to talk about Membership opportunities here at JL.

Looking into next season, if you have a special occasion to celebrate like birthdays, anniversaries and family weddings, please think of the Club to host your party.  Contact Kelly or Brooke to book a room and they will help with all the planning for your special event.

We have a busy summer ahead at Old Trail completing the Fazio Course renovation and redecorating the Clubhouse.  I am certain you will be thrilled to see the transformations this fall.

In the meantime, have a great summer, and remember, BE THE ONE!!!