Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the President
By Lou Schneider

I would like to welcome back all of our Members and staff who have been away for the summer months. Things have been very busy at Jonathan’s as we have made many changes and adjustments. You will notice the newly expanded short game practice area at the Village as well as many enhancements to our course’s landscaping. All three of our golf courses have been worked on this summer, receiving aeration and new top dressing. Don Taylor has continued his fine work of removing Brazilian pepper plants and adding other plantings to enhance the beauty and playability of our courses. The main dining room and the foyer outside of the Landing have also been updated over the summer months to seamlessly continue the new look through the entire clubhouse. We will continue to enhance other areas to brighten and refresh the look of the club.

Part of the original renovation plan included irrigation replacement for the Old Trail golf courses. This project is still within budget and well on track with the laser mapping underway. The two issues being addressed through the project are course irrigation and drainage. The Golf Course Maintenance staff will monitor and distribute the proper amount of water when needed for proper irrigation with our new system and will continue to add top dressing to enhance course percolation. As we begin replacing our current irrigation system, we feel it is prudent to examine our grading, soil and drainage to improve our courses. As this project continues, there will be continuous improvements and upgrades to the courses, in particular the bunkers, which we know are very important. I am confident we will be very happy with the finished product.

The board met in August for a week for our annual budget work, survey review and major board planning session. The Club’s budget for 2017 was approved. The budget is our forecast for revenues and membership dues measured against our known and estimated costs. During our meeting, Club Insights, our survey consultants, reviewed 72 pages of results with us, which are available here for your review. The survey gives us valuable insight into how our members feel regarding many areas and topics with a comparison to where the Club was four years ago when the last survey was taken. It also serves as a tool to compare JL with other comparable clubs in the area. Your participation in this survey has reaffirmed our direction and also clearly expressed what you, our Members, want. This clarity permits us to focus on a shared vision and have all of us moving in a direction that will continue the positive growth of Jonathan’s Landing.

I want to thank you all again for supporting JL by completing the survey and also for your understanding throughout our construction phases and also our learning phase in some of our new spaces. We, the Board, hear you and have the same goals. We will continue to work towards our shared vision of a great club for all of our Members and staff.