Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the GM
By Dick Naumann

As I sit here writing my second newsletter to you, I realize how quickly the past month has flown by! I have enjoyed meeting many of you and getting to know our talented staff. Making a job change and leaving a comfortable situation for the unknown, especially when it entails a move, is a scary endeavor. I have not experienced any second guessing or regret; I am thrilled to be here and delighted to be your General Manager. Thank you all for being so welcoming!

Easter Brunch and Dinner went very well, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We are brainstorming ways to continue to make these events even more successful in the future. The week following the Easter events, I had the pleasure of playing in the Superintendent’s Revenge. What a fun and creative concept! We received some complaints, not from those who played, but from some of the ladies who wish we would have planned a similar event for the women. This is a great idea, and one that will be incorporated into the 2018 calendar. Fair warning – the events will be just before the Fazio Course closes for renovations, so anything goes!

The life-blood of every private club is a healthy flow of new Members to replace those who leave and to increase the number of total Memberships. Our Membership Director, Wendy Seely, and the Membership Committee, led by Bob Widman, do a tremendous job working with prospects and progressing the application process. As Members, you cannot expect them to do all of the heavy lifting generating interest in our fine Club. Each and every Member has the responsibility to help with Membership recruitment. Many of you are either back to your northern homes or will be on your way soon. Please share all that Jonathan’s Landing has to offer with your friends, family and associates. For those of you in Jupiter year-round, please be welcoming and engaging to our Summer Members. Show them how friendly the JL community is and share with them all of the great things that happen here during the season. They have the summertime to “hold the puppy,” and between you and our staff, we can make them want to stay and join as full year-round Members. As JL Members, you are our best salespeople, and your efforts are truly appreciated by the entire Membership.

To those who are away this summer, I wish you safe travels. To those who remain, I look forward to seeing you at the Club.