Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the General Manager
By Tim Richards

I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays and that your New Year is off to a good start. We had a fantastic turn out for New Years Eve. We were sold out both upstairs and downstairs. Next year will be even better as we will have the expanded Barkentine Room and Patio space. The new space will tremendously improve our ability to accommodate more people, and we will be less dependent on the weather.

Last year at the annual meeting it was suggested that we have Supper Club on Saturday night in season. We are going to open for Supper Club on January 17th and again in February on the 21st.  If this venue is supported we will potentially open regularly on Saturday nights.

I want to thank you for your contribution to the Employee Holiday Fund. On December 15th those funds were distributed to our staff at the employee holiday party. The staff was thankful for your generosity. Bob Forbush, Club President, came to the party and thanked the staff for doing such a great job as well. In addition to the holiday fund, many of our vendors donated hams, turkeys and other items that were given to the staff through a drawing. It was a fun party!

We also distribute service awards at the annual party for years of service. There were two people that reached significant milestones. Believe it or not, David Boggs has been with JL for 30 years! It’s hard to imagine what JL looked like in 1984. I really enjoy hearing stories about the past from David. Did you know there were only 4 tennis courts when he first started working here? The tennis building was only 2,000 square feet and the pro shop was extremely small. For many years David shared his office with 3 of his staff members; how they made that work is beyond me. For many years there was not one employee in his department with less than 20 years of service – talk about outstanding leadership!  David has done, and continues to do, an exceptional job with our tennis program.


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