Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the GM
By Dick Naumann

When I told friends and family that I was thinking about moving to Florida, just about everyone warned me about the summers. I have to say they were right, it gets HOT here!  I feel like I acclimated OK, and now as I write this article for October, I can feel a bit of a break in the humidity.  I am looking forward to the winter and leaving my snow shovels at the curb up in Philly when the truck picks us up.  My wife Jennifer and I will be purchasing a home in Palm City which is scheduled to close on October 24th.  It will be nice to finally settle in and get our lives back to normal.

October also brings the return of many of you who head north for the summer; it will be great to ramp back up our operations and welcome you all home to JL.  October also brings the return of our international staff.  You will recognize most of them, as many are returning from last year.  It is a wonderful thing that they want to return; it speaks volumes about how they are treated by the Membership and management team.

I would like to once again recognize our entire staff for their hard work and extra efforts preparing the property for Hurricane Irma, and then cleaning up quickly to get operations open in only a few days.  Every department needed to push hard to make this happen; the teamwork was amazing.  We are fortunate to have such a great group of people on our staff.

I have a few specific staff updates in case you missed any of the e-mails this summer.  Kelly McCarthy is back to work following her speedy recovery from the injuries she sustained in a car accident in late April.  She is feeling good and looking great!  Joe DiPasquantonio was promoted to Clubhouse Manager and now oversees building maintenance, housekeeping, and valet, in addition to his food and beverage responsibilities.  He has wrapped his arms around the new position and is doing a great job.  Matt Boggs has been promoted to Director of Tennis, and David Boggs will work his final season as Director of Tennis Emeritus.  Please congratulate Joe and Matt when you see them.

Finally, I need to spend some time discussing Membership recruitment. The key to success of any private club is a robust pipeline of new prospective members. Our reality is that normal attrition is approximately 45 Members per year.  With approximately 1000 total Memberships, the 4.5% rate is normal and very close to the industry average.  This should not be viewed as alarming or a red flag.  What it does mean is that to just stay even, we need to welcome 45 new Members to the JL family each year.  Membership growth should be a goal, so we need to be aiming above that 45 number.  A trait of every successful private club is a culture in that every member of the club feels it is an honor and a privilege to introduce and sponsor new members to the club.  Every Member needs to understand and embrace the fact that it is a responsibility of Membership to actively identify individuals who would be great additions to the JL family and sponsor them for Membership.  Wendy Seely is here to help you and the prospective new Members with the process. It is up to each and every Member to bring your friends, family and neighbors to enjoy all that JL has to offer.

I will jump down from my soap box by saying I am looking forward to a fun winter season, and I look forward to seeing you soon!