Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the GM
By Ray Caraballo

A true story: A prospective golf member couple toured the Club a few days back. They are currently golf members at a club up north, but have children and grandchildren in Tequesta and Boca and are seriously considering relocating our way. After meeting with Wendy Seely, Courtney, Wendy’s assistant, took them a tour of the Village Clubhouse and the Fitness Center. After they finished having lunch in The Landing, I met them on the lower level as they were preparing to leave. I made the mistake of asking them about their experience.  Boy, did I get an earful!

The gentleman commented how well the valets took care of them. He also talked about the Members they passed on their way in the front entry who looked them both in the eyes and greeted them with a smile and a cordial hello. They were both impressed with the way they were welcomed at the Fitness Center by Melissa Green and Karen Horner.  She fell in love with the Spa. She mentioned the warm welcome from Caroline and how attentive their server was in The Landing. They both loved the food and the beautiful Landing Patio and Grotto.  She used the word “luscious.” Members stopped by their table and introduced themselves!

They saw Paige, Julie and Rob in the Golf Shop, and once again, the couple both said how friendly and upbeat everyone was. And then they met Neil! We all agree that this wonderful couple will be signing up soon for a full Golf Membership.

As you know, it is a fact that all of our surrounding clubs have wonderful golf courses and member amenities. But what always sets JLGC apart is the friendliness and caring of our melded, extended JL Family.  Keep up the good work!

On to other very important business:  Members have a natural curiosity about the new GM. Those of you acquainted with Aronimink Golf Club know it sits on the Philly Main Line and is one of the top 50 Platinum Clubs world-wide. Quite an honor. The gentleman himself, Dick Naumann, was very well received by all the of staff members who had an opportunity to have a dialogue with him including all the Department Directors, their assistants and many associates. We all found him to have a warm personality with a well developed sense of humor. On behalf of our Excellent Staff, we salute the Search Committee and our hard working Board of Directors for their very fine commitment to provide only the best for our JLGC community!

I look forward to seeing you at the Club.