Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the General Manager
By Tim Richards

March is always one of the busiest months at the Club each year. The weather typically improves and daylight saving time changes our usage patterns as it stays lighter out later into the evening. This year proved to be no different than years past.

Our staff works long hours throughout the month of March, and I am always amazed by how they manage to keep up with the high pace of activity and do it with a smile. One person that I would like to spotlight this month is Kendra Holmes. She is new to JL this year through the H2B program. No matter how many hours worked, she always brings a smile and positive outlook to JL every day. When asked if she has ever had a bad day, Kendra quickly responded by saying no.  We are very fortunate to have her on our team. Please thank Kendra when you see her.

The Jamboree was a huge success this year. This was the first event where we had to setup for roughly 400 people in the new outdoor space. It was definitively a positive learning experience that turned out to be a great event. Tony Larsen, Joe DiPasquantonio, Kelly McCarthy and Chef Joseph Watters designed and executed an amazing night for those of you who attended and experienced the International Food & Wine Festival. Hopefully you all had the opportunity to meet Chef Joseph’s wife, Katia, that evening while she assisted in France.

The Schooner was another great success. The food was amazing and the golf operation shined with the execution of the event. If you haven’t seen the beautiful Schooner trophy that is displayed in the trophy case near the new Golf Shop, please be sure to see it. Thank you to both Donna Pla and Cynthia Mangiafico, the two who are responsible for designing this unique trophy.

In many cases, the employees who directly service and interact with our membership receive recognition as they are in highly visible positions such as the golf and food & beverage operations. There is a large group of unsung heroes that make events such as The Jamboree and The Schooner such a great success when it comes to play, and that group is our entire Golf Maintenance Staff. To put it in perspective, this department shows up at Old Trail at 2:30 in the morning, yes, in the morning, to prepare the course for play during these events. Imagine setting up a course at Old Trail while it’s pitch black in the company of the native wildlife. They cut fairways, tees and greens in the morning darkness to provide you and your guests with freshly mowed courses and impeccable course conditions. If you ever have the opportunity, please take a moment to thank our Golf Course Maintenance staff when you see them on the course.

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