Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the General Manager
By Tim Richards

April was another outstanding month at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club. The Landing continues to be extremely popular with our International Seafood & Wine Festival and annual Beach Party, which proved to be some of the highlights of the season. These events, which were designed and orchestrated by Tony Larsen, Joseph Watters and their management team, were simply amazing. The planning that took place to execute these events required extensive meetings to ensure flawless food service delivery, ample space allocation and an atmosphere that is unprecedented in comparison to all previous outdoor events.

With the newly remodeled Clubhouse, Jonathan’s Landing is positioned very well in the club marketplace. Our Membership effort, led by Bob Widman and Wendy Seely, has been extremely successful with continuous membership inquiries leading to many new Members. Our scheduled future upgrades to the golf courses will add even more enjoyment for our existing Members and greater appeal for our prospects.

We will soon be requesting that you and your spouse participate in the latest Club Survey. Please be on the lookout for this as we strongly encourage you to complete the survey as it helps us understand what our Members want and how to enhance your experience at Jonathan’s Landing.

During this year’s renovations, it was required that we allow two-way golf cart traffic around the Clubhouse and by the putting green. Now that the construction is complete, please remember that cart traffic has returned to the original one-way pattern. For your safety please adhere to this one-way traffic pattern in this area. Also, we ask that when coming to the Clubhouse from either the 18th green or the Fitness & Tennis Center that you use the wooden cart bridge. Please do not travel over the covered bridge or past the loading dock area as many cars and service vehicles transit this space throughout the day, posing serious safety concerns.

As seasonal Members prepare to depart to their summer locations, my staff and I are regularly asked “what are you going to do with all of your time?” While season is about to wind down, there are many Members who choose to stay in Florida longer each year. Our staff will decrease significantly over the next two weeks tasking our management team with the challenge to provide the same high level of service with fewer employees. During the summer months, we carefully plan and design the upcoming season’s calendar and undergo the extensive budgeting process. Additionally, a significant amount of time is spent on repair work and upkeep in preparation for the fall season.

While it has been a challenging season with the construction project impacting our Clubhouse and golf operation, we have accomplished a lot over the past year. This season was a pivotal moment for the future of Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club, and we look forward to a great summer!

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