Welcome to Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

Message from the General Manager
By Tim Richards

It’s really nice to see everyone back at JL to kickoff a new season. It’s an exciting time for JL and for all of our staff as we are getting closer to starting the construction projects.

We kept busy this summer working on the construction plans for the Golf Maintenance Facility and Clubhouse. You will start to see some activity around the 9th tee box on the Village course, as we are going
to use that space to store golf course maintenance equipment. We will be excavating and grading the back tee box and the surrounding area to create a storage area for equipment. We will be installing a tent in this area, and it will be fenced and locked in the evenings. You will still be able to play the white tees through the season as that area will not be affected. For all of you long ball hitters we appreciate your patience while the back tees are out of play.

In addition to the temporary storage area, we are going to start the construction of the new cart path for cart traffic going to and from the Club. A new hard, compact base material will be installed. In order to avoid damage from construction, we are not going to asphalt the path until all of the construction is completed.

Safety netting will be added along the right side of the driving range to protect the construction workers and our new building, so please use caution when hitting balls on the range. On January 1st, once Comcast is no longer in service, we will be able to demolish the JLPOA building. I know that many people like to stop by the jobsite to see the progress, but we ask you to refrain from doing so for safety reasons. The entire construction site will be fenced in as a precaution.

The construction documents for the Clubhouse are almost finished and should be submitted to Palm Beach County before Thanksgiving. The construction in the Clubhouse will start on May 1st, 2015. We will be doing as much as we can at the Clubhouse before May; as long as it doesn’t affect the activities around the Club.

Managing projects like these is no easy task. For those of you who don’t know Steve Schimpf, he is our Director of Facilities Maintenance. Steve has done an outstanding job over the summer working with all of the professionals to make sure that our projects stay on track.


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